Singapore 99.5 %, Europe 99.5 % and Gulf 99.5 %

Cumin seeds are also known as Nigella sativa. Cumin seed is a dry plant and grows to 32 to 42 cm. it harvests once it has fully grown, farmers harvest with the help of hand or machinery. Cumin seed’s appearance is coming in white or brown color, and it has a very strong aroma.

Cumin Seeds by Bhimani Exports. Pvt. Ltd

India is a leader in terms of the production of cumin seeds followed by Syria and Turkey. India produces almost 70% of cumin seeds production in the world. In the current year (2020-2021), India produces around 850000 tons of white and brown cumin seeds.

It has a different name as per different country. For example, in The USA it is known as a Black seed, in China, it is known as 孜然籽, In India or in Hindi, it is called Jeera in the local language.

India holds rank 1 for exporting black seeds to the world. China is the biggest importer of cumin seeds from India followed by Bangladesh, the USA, UAE, Nepal, and Egypt.

Bhimani Exports is a leading supplier of cumin seeds from India. We have Singapore 99.0 % and 99.5 %, Europe Singapore 99.0 % and 99.5 %, Gulf Singapore 99.0 % and 99.5 % and USA Singapore 99.0 % and 99.5 % variety available in our stocks. We outsource our products from farmers and APMC market Unjha. we buy a black seed which is fully grown and rich in aroma. We have our own facility to make quality cumin seeds in Gujarat. We set the machining parameter as per our buyer requirements and provide the best cumin seeds without making any compromise.

We are successfully providing our quality cumin seeds in the domestic markets like Tamil Nādu, Indore, and Maharastra. We also supply cumin seeds in international markets such as Nepal, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. We thrive for success by providing quality Agri-commodity to our customers all around the globe.