Product Name

Red chili


Below 12%

Pungency (Heat)

15000 SHU to 20000 SHU

Capsaicin content




Shelf life





1 to 50 kg Jute bag, PP bags,


13 to 26 Tons 

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Capsicum fruits have been a part of human diets sinceabout 7,500 BC,and are one of the oldest cultivated crops in India. 

Chili pepper, any of numerous species and cultivars of very hot, pungent peppers in the nightshade family Chili peppers can be eaten fresh or dried and chili powder, hot chili sauce, chili flakes are by-products. We export raw chili, chili flakes, capsicum, and chili powder. It comes in different variants like red chili and green chili. 

We export red chili, dry chili, and fresh chili based on buyer's requirements. Red chili pepper is widely used in most recipesworldwide. 

It is also known as chili or pepper or chili based on the region. It is widely used in the medical area as it helps indigestion.

Bhimani Exports sources the most excellent quality chili or pepper from the fertile regions of western parts of the country, Indo-Gangetic plains at the very beginning of the operation. This red chili pepper is extremely rich in protein and minerals. The shishito pepper is made to undergo careful cleaning right after the sourcing process, which helps to achieve a90 to 95% purity level.

Indian chili has huge demand worldwide, in 2020, it became the highest exported spice mainly to China, the USA, and Bangladesh.

Indian spices are famous for their quality and purity. India has number 1 position as a spice exporting country for the last 10 years.

Chili has around 50 varietieson the level of spiciness in them. It is also considered the hottest chili in the world.

Use And Benefits of Chili
  • Chili contains a vast amount of vitamin C in its properties, which help reduce the duration of sickness. Sometimes it’s even effective than orange juice.
  • Daily consumption of Capsaicin can benefit the human body in two ways; firstly, it has inflammation characteristics, and secondly, it reduces the chances of heart diseases.
  • Chili may become a vital ingredient in the daily diet for those people who wants to lose weight. It stimulates your appetite and increases your metabolism rate. Its best solution against obesity.
  • Chili spice is an important factor in almost every dish. But it has detrimental effects as well. More than five gm chili in a daily diet can be harmful to your body.

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