100 %


10.10 % Max


Absent / 25 gm

Total Ash

9.5 % Max


Aromatic Flavor 


15/25/50 kg Jute Bag, PP Bag,


20’ FCL- 16 MT & 40’ FCL- 27MT 

Are you looking for a Turmeric powder exporter? Bhimani Exports is the best spices exporter company to build trade relationships for future endeavors.

Turmeric powder is bright yellow powder mostly used in cooking preparation made for raw anddried turmeric. 

Turmeric powder is known as an anti-inflammatory powder for its medical use. There are many turmeric products used worldwide for cosmetics and medical applications. 

There are many benefits of turmeric powder like animmunity booster, which lowers the risk of heart attack, and may help delay aging.

In addition, Turmeric tea is used for weight loss. We also provide organic turmeric powder. Bhimani Exports imports and exports all kinds of turmeric powder and shippingworldwide.

Bhimani Exports supplies the most excellent quality turmeric, from the fertile provinces of western parts of the country,Indo-Gangetic plains at the very beginning of the operation. This turmeric is extremely rich in protein and minerals. Turmeric powder is made to undergo careful cleaning right after the sourcing process, which helps to achieve a better purity level.

Bhimani Exports has known sources with a spread handling plant consisting of the latest machinery that utilizescutting-edge equipment. This plant creates use of environment-friendly practices wherever possible and gives waste management special attention. 

The turmeric powder thus produced is of the very best standards andexport-ready. Our firm is dedicated to serving you in the absolute most excellent way and reliably improving itself during this venture.

Use And Benefits Of Turmeric Powder
  • Turmeric is considered a golden spice or Indian own saffron due to its role in health, uses, and appearance.
  • Tumeric is used as a pain reliever in small injuries such as fractures, ankles, twisters, and bone displacement.
  • It improves digestion issues and has cancer-fighting elements in its ingredients.
  • These golden spices may use in some of the Indian rituals such as pooja, Hindu marriage, and celebration.