Natural white sesame seeds, brown sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, hulled sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are also known as Sesamum in many parts of the world. Sesame seed is the oldest crop on the planet around 3000 years ago. Bhimani Exports is the leading exporter and manufacturer of premium quality sesame seeds from India.

Product and Plant Description

Sesame seeds vary in size from 1 mm to 3 mm depending upon the producing region. Sesame seeds plant can be 2 ft to 4 ft in height with a single main trunk. It has a dark green leaf opposite position and it goes same with sesame flower and fruit. Sesame fruits are 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm in length and 1 cm in width with the four-lobed mouth in a tubular shape.

Sesame Seeds Harvesting and Crop Cycle

Sesame seed has two harvesting cycles. A major cycle is June- November which accounts for 75% of crop yield and another cycle starts from the march.


Sesame seeds cannot be harvested using any machine. Farmers cut plants by hand after sesame seeds fruits are fully grown and ready to harvest which takes around 3 months. After cutting operation, the farmer let this plant to dried in direct sunlight for a week until its fruit’s face is wide open and make it upside down to collect sesame seeds from its fruits. It’s a very critical process that requires time and precision to collect every sesame seed from the plant. There is a high level of loss of sesame seeds due to a lack of technology in its operation.


Natural white sesame seeds, brown sesame seeds, and black sesame seeds.

Major growing state

sesame seeds are majorly produced in Gujarat, followed by West Bengal, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. Bhimani export is a major player in brown sesame seeds exporters.

India sesame seeds exports data

India exported 312.62 lakh tons worth of rupees 3920 crores of sesame seed and oil in the year 2018-19.

Sesame seeds packaging details

Jute Bags:                  75/50/25/15/10 Kgs

HDPE/ PP Bags:        50/25/15/10 Kgs

Load:                          19 MT – 20′ FCL

                                    25 MT- 40′ FCL

Uses and Benefits

Sesame seeds consumption is very fruitful for the body as it is a full package of nutrition and nutrition. Hulled sesame seeds trigger hair growth due to the involvement of vitamin B on a high scale.

Brown sesame seeds have anti-aging property, so it is good for the development of early age children and old age people.

Some vitamins in Hulled sesame seeds boost your skin health like pimples, dark spots, wrinkles and provide lightening skin.

Sesame seeds are a good source of fiber that helps patients who are suffering from heart disease.

Hulled sesame seeds can be applied to cure lover blood pressure issues in people.

We at Bhimani Exports are focused on bringing you the best sesame seeds constantly and have been successfully doing that for the longest time.