hulled sesame seeds 99.97%, hulled sesame seeds 99.98%, hulled sesame seeds 99.99%

Hulled sesame seeds are those whose outer shell or cover are removed during the manufacturing process. 

Hulled sesame seeds are made from raw natural white sesame seeds by removing the outer layer through the machining process. The process is known as hot lye treatment removal of the skin and pigments through washing at hot temperature and drying.

Hulled sesame seeds are pure white or slightly yellowish and sizes vary from 2.5 mm to 4 mm depending on the harvesting region.

Hulled sesame seeds are those varieties of sesame seeds where the hulls, husk, or outer coating are removed to produce sesame seeds that are simple to digest. White and bold hulled sesame seeds in their most natural state are produced and exported globally by Bhimani Exports

One of the most consumed seeds worldwide is sesame seeds. They are not only the oldest condiments known to humankind but they are still utilized in numerous cuisines both inside and outside of India. They are utilized in everything, from desserts to snacks, savoury foods to health goods.

For the past 20 years, Bhimani Exports has been one of the top producers and manufacturers of premium sesame seeds in large numbers.

Hulled sesame seeds are one of the variations of these seeds that we produce. Hulled sesame seeds are those that have lost their hull or outer covering. For the highest quality of purity, aroma, and flavor, Bhimani Exports is the most popular supplier of hulled sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds of the highest quality that have been mechanically hulled are processed and exported by Bhimani Exports to customers around the world. Sesame seeds of the highest quality are obtained by Bhimani Exports from Gujarat, India, and the fertile areas of the Indo-Gangetic plain. After the sourcing procedure, they are put through a number of processing steps to ensure that only the best product gets to you. Our business chooses high-grade natural sesame seeds for hulling and then purifies them to a 99.99 percent purity level. As a result, hulled sesame seeds with the greatest level of freshness and purity are consistent, robust, and aromatic. They contain a lot of oil and protein but little calcium because of the hulling process. 

The damaged seeds can then be removed before the batch of seeds is mechanically hulled, which is followed by more segregation. This produces hulled sesame seeds that are clean and of the highest quality that are prepared for export. 6000 square meters of high-tech processing space in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is used to make and process top-quality hulled sesame seeds. Through our processes, we ensure that there is little waste, maximum output, and the least possible impact on the environment. Our processing facility has the ability to ship authentic, premium-quality sesame seeds in large quantities to clients and buyers anywhere in the world. To make our method as customer-friendly as possible, we provide customization in terms of volume (5kgs/11lbs – 50kgs/110lbs).