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Cumin Seeds From Bhimani Exports. Pvt Ltd
Color        Light Yellowish
Bags Labeling  Private labeling
Shelf Life    24 Months 
GMO Status   GMO-Free
TypeOrganic/ Conventional 
Packaging 10 to 50 kg Jute bag, PP bag
Loading20’ FCL- 16 MT & 40’ FCL- 27MT 
Parameter of Cumin seeds

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A vital ingredient in numerous mixed spices, chutneys, chili and curry powders, and cumin seeds is specifically famous in Asian, geographical region, and Latin American foods.

Cumin seeds’s characteristic aroma is heavy and robust, their taste warm and meaningful. Indian cumin seeds also referred to as “ Jeera” within the Asian region are mostly used as powder form in cooking.

It’s two variants which are black cumin seeds and green cumin seeds. Cumin spice is an incredible herb and is widely used for weight loss within the medical field. 

Bhimani Exports sources the most excellent quality cumin seeds from the fertile regions of western parts of the country, Indo-Gangetic plains at the very beginning of the operation. This cumin is extremely rich in protein and minerals. The cumin seeds are made to undergo careful cleaning right after the sourcing process, which helps to achieve a 90 to 95% purity level.

Cumin seeds use as raw or dried as a healer for many diseases and cumin powder uses for dish preparation or to give a flavor in India.

Bhimani Exports ships fresh quality cumin seeds and cumin powder as per the buyer’s requirements worldwide.

Cumin seeds in Malayalam called “ ജീരകം “ and cumin seeds in Urdu “ زیرے کے بیج  “.

Use And Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

  • Cumin seeds have some useful minerals that help promote the digestion of heavy food or daily common foods.
  • Cumin seed is a vital source of iron, which is useful for young children for the all-around development of the body and brain.
  • Cumin seeds have many medical benefits such as diabetic patients and help to control sugar levels.
  • For people who have obesity issues or are overweight, cumin seeds are blessing them. Just five grams of cumin seeds daily can responsible for major fat loss.